To register for ACED SEANES 2020, you would first have to register or have an EasyChair account.  After registering, you may proceed with the payment. Deadlines for submission and registration are posted here.

1. Creating an Easy Chair Account

Step 1. Go to EasyChair

To start the application process, you will need to create an account in Easy Chair. From the login page, click create an account

To create an EasyChair account you should have a valid email address and do the following

  1. pass a captcha to prove that you are not a robot;
  2. fill out a simple form with your personal information;
  3. follow the link we send to your email address to complete the account creation.

Click continue and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2.  Fill Up EasyChair Account Form

Note that the most common reason for failing to create an account is an incorrect email address so please type your email address correctly.

After creating an EasyChair account you would be directed to a page that says “Account Application Received”

Open your email and click  the link provided as shown below.

Step 3. Fill Out Additional Information Needed

Click “I agree to EasyChair Terms of Service” and fill up all the additional info needed as well as your username and password.

Click “Create My Account

Congratulations you have successfully created your account!

2. Payment

For payments, ACED SEANES 2020 is currently accepting PayPal as a medium. Just go to the Registration page and choose what type of participant you are.

Step 1. Type of Participant

You need to identify what type of participant you are which can be seen on the registration page.

For example, if you are a local participant that is a HSFPES Member. You click the  “Local HSFPES Member P9000 PHP” and click the Buy Now paypal button.

Step 2.  Paypal Shopping Cart

After clicking the Buy Now button on the registration page. You will be directed into PayPal’s shopping cart page. Verify your order and click continue.

Step 3. Pay for your Registration

Fill up the form and click “Pay Now



Incase you were not able to successfully create your account or encountered any problems, you may contact us at